Cross-country skiing tracks

In winter, the sports and tourist base “AMUT SNOW LAKE” is oriented to ski holidays.

  • For sportsmen of high class– professional ski track for 5 and 7,5 km,
  • For tourists– 2 km.
  • For snowboarders – extreme– Unlimited possibilities !!! Nature has given them a lot of slopes and descents, among which the most popular is riding with Couloir.
  • Rent of inventory: Skis and outfit, snowboards.

The ski runs have a width of 6 to 12 m with a height difference of up to 70 m.

The ski complex “AMUT SNOW LAKE” is equipped with a lift for tubing. Also available is “RATRAK” for ramming and laying ski slopes and mountain slopes.

Tourists can feel the influx of adrenaline,  riding on tubing, snowmobiles, cross-country skiing and ice cold. A hot shish kebab is only an addition to the winter holiday of life !!!